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Organ transplantation is often the only treatment for end state organ failure, such as liver and heart failure. Although end stage renal disease patients can be treated through other renal replacement therapies, kidney transplantation is generally accepted as the best treatment both for quality of life and cost effectiveness. Kidney transplantation is by far the most frequently carried out transplantation globally.

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Principals of Immunology: Final Wizard of Oz Transplantation

immunology and transplantation video

This video focuses on the basic immunological mechanisms of organ transplantation.

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Transplantation: Process to Outcomes

Video about transplantation process

This video covers the role of the immune system in organ transplantation, reasons behind rejection and how to prevent this from occurring.

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Basics of Organ Rejection

Video about organ rejection

This video provides information on how the immune system protects against foreign bodies through the recognition of antigens. It then examines how the same process can work against organ transplantation and can lead to organ rejection.

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Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: Lung Transplants

IPF lung transplants video videos

This video elaborates on the types of lung transplants and explores clinical trials that evaluate the effectiveness of transplants.

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Kidney Failure and Transplantation

Video about kidney failure and transplantation

This video explains the underlying physiology of the kidneys and how it relates to kidney disease. It also examines the risk factors and basis for kidney transplantation.

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Kidney Transplants: Urine Luck!

Video about kidney transplants

This video explores kidney transplants, which are most commonly performed for patients with chronic kidney disease or kidney failure.

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Why Are Kidney Transplant Wait-Lists So Long?

Video about kidney transplant wait-lists

Why is it that patients need to wait so long for a transplant? This video explores the factors involved in the long wait-times for kidney transplants.

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Are you a Potential Kidney Transplant Recipient?

Video about being a kidney transplant recipient

This video provides insight regarding factors and tests to be considered prior to matching a kidney recipient with a donor.

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