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Science is a way of thinking
much more than it is a body of knowledge.

Carl Sagan

Learning to Love Feedback

Video about learning to love feedback

This video raises awareness for the importance of feedback — in the style of slam poetry!

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Demystifying Medicine Course

Video about demystifying medicine course

This video introduces the Demystifying Medicine health sciences course
(HTH SCI 4DM3) at McMaster University that focuses on using knowledge translation of medical topics.

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Do Learning Styles Really Exist?

Joseph Kim

This video defines learning styles theory, talks about some previous research in the field of pedagogy and explains why there is no true basis behind the idea of learning styles.

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Critical Evaluation of Scientific Articles

Video about critical evaluation of scientific articles

This video provides an overview of the general structure of a scientific paper and what kind of information each section is supposed to present.

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Protege Effect: Learning by Teaching!

Jean-Pol Martin

This video examines the "Protege Effect" — where one learns through different aspects of teaching. It discusses knowledge transfer, roles of teachers and learners and history.

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Protege Effect: Does Literature Support It?

Video about evidence supporting protege effect

The protege effect posits that teaching someone else a concept enhances the teacher’s understanding of the topic. This video looks at whether or not scientific literature supports the idea.

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Video about plagiarism

Plagiarism is often a topic most people think they know how to stay away from, but the truth may surprise you. Plagiarism doesn't have to be intentional, and you may be doing it without even knowing!

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Internet Safety: How Do You Trust Information Found Online?

Video about trusting online information

This video stresses questioning facts and figures found on the internet and suggests questions to ask before making the decision to trust information that is found online.

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What Do You Think Makes a Good Video?

Video about video quality

This video examines a great video on the Demystifying Medicine channel called "Five Misconceptions About Nutrition". It breaks down the techniques used to make the video and explains what makes it effective.

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Making Videos and Captivating Audiences

Video about making videos

This video provides ideas about how to create a captivating and educational video. It also presents a critical evaluation of videos availalble on the Demystifying Medicine channel.

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Good Science and Bad Science: Dr. Gordon Guyatt

Gordon Guyatt

TThe public may hear claims, counter-claims, benefits and risks regarding medical interventions such as vaccinations. Some of these may be supported by good science and some not.

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