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Safe food and good nutrition are important to Canadians. Maintaining the safety of Canada's food supply is a shared responsibility among government, industry and consumers. Eating a nutritious and balanced diet is one of the best ways to protect and promote good health.

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What Does a Food Desert Look Like?
A Ground Zero Approach

Video about food_desert

This video defines a food desert and cpmpares it to conditions in the Crown Point neighbourhood of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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Dangers of Vitamin B12 Deficiency

Video about vitamin B12 deficiency

This video looks at what exactly a vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to and the ways in which you can obtain vitamin B12 through your diet or by taking B12 supplements.

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Carrots and Seeing in the Dark

Video about carrots improving eyesight in the dark

This video outlines the origins of the health myth that eating carrots improves eyesight in the dark, looks at the premise of the idea and why it is not completely accurate.

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Fact or Fiction? Carrots Give You Perfect Vision

Video about carrots improving eyesight

This video explores the myth that carrots improve eyesight. It also provides information on why to eat your carrots, what vitamins they provide and how it relates to eye health.

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Green Tea — A Solution To Obesity?

Video about green tea and obesity

This video examines the benefits of using green tea to reduce obesity, which has become a global epidemic.

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Green Tea Detox

Video about green tea detox

This video looks at the use of green tea to detoxify the body of toxins.

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The Truth About Red Wine

Video presenting facts about red wine

This video explores the truth about the health benefits of drinking red wine and debunks the myth that a glass of red wine is equivalent to an hour at the gym.

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Medical Myth — Health Effects of Red Wine

Video about health effects of red wine

Are there any health benefits from drinking red wine? This video explores the effects that red wine can have on your health.

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Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day?

Video about breakfast

This video explores the history behind the claims made about why breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

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Food intake: Does Timing Matter

Video about timing of food intake

This video establishes that timing of food intake is a modifiable risk factor that has an influence on energy regulation and the risk of obesity.

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The Superior Hydrator: Milk

Video about milk as hydrator

This video promotes milk as a superior hydrator and a complete recovery drink for athletes.

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What You Need to Know about Macronutrients

Video about macronutrients

This video looks into macronutrients and what you can do to ensure you are eating the recommended amount for your healthy diet.

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Slow the Effects of Cognitive Aging with the Mediterranean Diet

Video about cognitive aging abd Mediterranean diet

This video defines what the Mediterranean diet is, describes how it is beneficial for cognitive againg and presents evidence from two studies.

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Can a Mediterranean Diet Lower Cancer Risk?

Video about mediterranean diet and cancer risk

This video provides information about the mediterranean diet and how it may prevent cancer.

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Five Misconceptions About Nutrition

Video regarding misconceptions about nutrition

This video examines five common misconceptions about food, nutrition and healthy living.

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Energy Drinks: Worth the Hype?

Video about energy drinks

This video examines the rising popularity of energy drinks, how the different ingredients may interact within the body and possible related health effects of these ingredients.

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Spicy and We Love It!

Video about spicy foods and stomach ulcers

This video discusses the link between spicy foods and stomach ulcers.

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Does Nutella Cause Cancer?

Video about nutella and cancer

This video uncover the facts behind the claim that Nutella may cause cancer and determine if Nutella is detrimental to our health.

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The ABCD's of Vitamins

Video about vitamins

This video covers vitamins A, B, C and D, their functions in the human body, where they are found in a healthy diet and the health outcomes when there are deficiencies.

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Can Multivitamin Supplements Increase Your Overall Health?

Video about multivitamin supplements

This video looks at what occurs in the body when multivitamins are ingested, especially when more than the recommended daily value is taken.

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Vitamin D — What is it and are you getting enough?

Vitamin D overview video

What exactly is vitamin D? Why do humans need it? Do you need it? Are you getting enough vitamin D?

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Health Benefits of Vitamin D

Video about health benefits of vitamin D

This video focuses on simplifying the nutritional and physiological benefits as well as natural sources of vitamin D.

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To Supplement or Not To Supplement

Video about benefits of supplements

This video looks at whether taking supplements is beneficial for your health or not.

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Medical Myth — Chocolate and Acne

Video about chocolate and acne

This video looks at the common myth regarding the relationship between chocolate and acne.

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Truth about Trans and Saturated Fats

Video about trans and saturated fats

This video explains a systematic review and meta-analysis of over 120 nutrition clinical trials that link saturated and trans fats with health problems.

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Basics of Cholesterol

Video about cholesterol

This video focuses on cholesterol — a form of lipid that is required in the body that is acquired through our diets and is also made by the liver.

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Probiotics and Heart Health

Video about probiotics and heart health

This video looks at how consuming probiotics can reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease.

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A Girl's Best Friend: Diamonds or Probiotics?

Video about probiotics and female health

This video discusses the positive effects that probiotic supplements may have on female health, specifically through impacting estrogen balance.

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Probiotics as Treatment for Lactose Intolerance

Video about probiotics as treatment for lactose intolerance

This video evaluates the potential probiotics have for improving lactose digestion and alleviating the symptoms associated with lactose intolerance.

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Creatine: Does It Actually Work?

Video about creatine

This video looks into the use of creatine — an amino acid derivative commonly used by athletes during high intensity exercises.

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Myths Surrounding Artificial Sweeteners

Video about myths surrounding artificial sweeteners

Have you ever been concerned about the health effects of artificial sweeteners in your sweetened beverages? This video discusses and evaluates popular claims that surround this controversial sugar alternative.

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Artificial Sweeteners: Fighting or Fueling Obesity?

Video about artificial sweeteners and obesity

This video debunks the myth that consuming "diet" beverages containing artificial sweeteners is a healthy way to lose weight.

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Does an Apple a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

Video about nutritional value of apples

This video explores the myth that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and discusses whether the nutritional benefits of apple makes them a superfood.

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Antioxidants & Aging: A Radical Theory

Videos about antioxidants and aging

This video examines the process of aging and the role of antioxidants and free radicals in the body.

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BCAAs: More Gains or More Lies?

Video about BCAAs

This video describes how branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) interact within the body and explores claims that consuming BCAAs improves athletic performance and endurance.

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Debunking Diet Myths

Video regarding diet myths

This video debunks commonly believed diet myths using scientific evidence.

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What Are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)?

Video about GMOs

This video outlines what genetically modified organisms are, why they are used and the pros and cons of using them.

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Does Gum Really Stay in Your Stomach for Seven Years?

Video about gum in stomach

This video examines the childhood myth about gum remaining in the stomach for 7 years after being swallowed.

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Video about caffeine

These videos provide an analysis of caffeine and examines its health effects and risks of dependence.

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Can You Really Be Allergic to Exercise?

Video about FDEIA

This video discusses food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis (FDEIA) in which an allergic reaction occurs during exercise when a specific type of food is eaten before or after exercise.

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