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Safe food and good nutrition are important to Canadians. Maintaining the safety of Canada's food supply is a shared responsibility among government, industry and consumers. Eating a nutritious and balanced diet is one of the best ways to protect and promote good health.

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The juicy gossip about detox diets

Video about mindfulness and meditation

This video investigates the potential for mindfulness in treating substance addictions.

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More Beef, Less Beans

Video about eating beans for protein

This video shows how incorporating more plant-based protein like beans can contribute to a healthier you and a healthier planet.

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Keto Diets: Are They Safe?

Video about ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet exploded in 2018, with tons of celebrities and pop starts advocating for the diet, calling it an easy method to LOSE WEIGHT! But is the ketogenic diet safe for your body?

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Are eight cups of water per day actually necessary?

Video about health benefits of drinking water

This video debunks the myth that eight cups of water are necessary to improve one’s health.

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Can a bar of dark chocolate a day keep the doctor away?

Video about dark chocolate and health

This video analyzes the claim that dark chocolate is beneficial for human health.

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Does Turkey Actually Make You Sleepy?

Video about turkey inducing sleepiness

This video looks into the myth that turkey makes you feel sleepy after eating it.

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73 questions with a nutrition professor

Video with questions for nutrition expert

Is organic food worth purchasing? In this video a nutrition expert is asked 73 questions about the evidence behind organic foods and nutrition.

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Intermittent fasting: The key to that perfect summer body?

Video about intermittent fasting

This video explains what intermittent fasting is, the science behind it and metabolic processes

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Will fast food ever taste the same? The trans fat ban in Canada

Video about trans fat ban

This video aims to inform Canadians on the issues behind the trans fat ban such as what foods will be affected and its significance in preventing heart disease.

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Truth about Trans and Saturated Fats

Video about trans and saturated fats

This video explains a systematic review and meta-analysis of over 120 nutrition clinical trials that link saturated and trans fats with health problems.

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Digestive Diseases

Videos about digestive diseases

These videos provide information about digestive diseases such as Crohn's disease, GERD and scurvy

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Weight Loss: Quality Not Quantity

Video about weight loss

The video provides insight into a new study regarding weight loss regimes and examines its findings.

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Weight Loss: Quality Not Quantity

Video about weight loss

The video provides insight into a new study regarding weight loss regimes and examines its findings.

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Hidden Message Behind Chocolate Cravings

Video about chocolate cravings

This video summarizes what the media has reported about chocolate cravings and the findings described by the scientific community.

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The Sticky Truth About Swallowing Chewing Gum

Video about swallowing chewing gum

This video debunks the myth that chewing gum stays in the stomach for 7 years after it is swallowed and explores what happens to gum in the digestive system.

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Debunking Tongue Maps

Video about tongue maps

This video debunks tongue maps — the idea that there are five different tastes localized to specific areas of the tongue.

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Gluten Is Bad for Everyone: The Misconception

Video about gluten misconceptions

This video looks at the growing popularity of the gluten-free fad and why people should be aware of the pros and cons before choosing to follow a gluten-free diet.

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Genetically Modified Organisms Are They Killing Us?

Video about GMO consumption and health

This video clarifies the myths and misconceptions associated with consumption of Genetically Modified Organism (GMOs) and its effects on our health.

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The 5-Second Rule: Uncovered

Video about 5-second rule

This video looks into the truth behind the myth of the 5-second rule — the belief that if you drop food on the floor, it is safe to eat after 5 seconds.

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Keeping up with the Kleansers

Video about juice cleanse

In this short video, join Kiwi Kardashian as she goes on a journey to uncover the truth of juice cleanses, their mechanism on the body and whether they actually work.

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Is Yogurt Good for Your Microbiota?

Video about yogurt and microbiota

This video investigates the claim that eating yogurt boosts gut microbiota and repairs damaged microbiota. It explains what a microbiota is, the relationship between host and microbiota and the role of yogurt in the health of microbiota.

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Is organic food really better for you?

Video about organic food

This video educates the general public on the concept of organic food, presents recent evidence that showcase the benefits of organic food and discusses the limitations of studies.

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Vitamins and Supplements

Videos about vitamins and supplements

These videos looks into the benefits of consuming vitamins and supplements as part of the human diet.

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Videos about probiotics

These videos look at how probiotics affect health.

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What Does a Food Desert Look Like?
A Ground Zero Approach

Video about food_desert

This video defines a food desert and cpmpares it to conditions in the Crown Point neighbourhood of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

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Will breakfast make a difference with physical performance?

Video about breakfast and physical performance

This video follows two students take on the challenge of going to the gym on alternating days between days when they eat breakfast and days when they do not and then evaluates their performance.

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Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal of the Day?

Video about breakfast

This video explores the history behind the claims made about why breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

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The Truth About Fad Diets

Video regarding fad diets

This video explores four popular fad diets and evaluate any claims associated with the diets.

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Debunking Diet Myths

Video regarding diet myths

This video debunks commonly believed diet myths using scientific evidence.

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Can Red Wine Prevent Cancer?

Video about red wine and cancer

The video describes the properties of resveratrol — the key chemical of red wine — and its potential benefits as a cancer preventative therapeutic.

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The Truth About Red Wine

Video presenting facts about red wine

This video explores the truth about the health benefits of drinking red wine and debunks the myth that a glass of red wine is equivalent to an hour at the gym.

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Medical Myth — Health Effects of Red Wine

Video about health effects of red wine

Are there any health benefits from drinking red wine? This video explores the effects that red wine can have on your health.

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The Great Sugar Rush!

Video about sugar and children

This video uses quantitative data from studies to uncover the truth behind the behavioural effects of sugar on children.

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Carrots and Seeing in the Dark

Video about carrots improving eyesight in the dark

This video outlines the origins of the health myth that eating carrots improves eyesight in the dark, looks at the premise of the idea and why it is not completely accurate.

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Fact or Fiction? Carrots Give You Perfect Vision

Video about carrots improving eyesight

This video explores the myth that carrots improve eyesight. It also provides information on why to eat your carrots, what vitamins they provide and how it relates to eye health.

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Green Tea — A Solution To Obesity?

Video about green tea and obesity

This video examines the benefits of using green tea to reduce obesity, which has become a global epidemic.

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Green Tea Detox

Video about green tea detox

This video looks at the use of green tea to detoxify the body of toxins.

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Slow the Effects of Cognitive Aging with the Mediterranean Diet

Video about cognitive aging abd Mediterranean diet

This video defines what the Mediterranean diet is, describes how it is beneficial for cognitive againg and presents evidence from two studies.

[Click to view video about cognitive aging abd Mediterranean diet]

Can a Mediterranean Diet Lower Cancer Risk?

Video about mediterranean diet and cancer risk

This video provides information about the mediterranean diet and how it may prevent cancer.

[Click to view video about mediterranean diet and cancer risk]

The Superior Hydrator: Milk

Video about milk as hydrator

This video promotes milk as a superior hydrator and a complete recovery drink for athletes.

[Click to view video about milk as a hydrator]

Food intake: Does Timing Matter

Video about timing of food intake

This video establishes that timing of food intake is a modifiable risk factor that has an influence on energy regulation and the risk of obesity.

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Basics of Cholesterol

Video about cholesterol

This video focuses on cholesterol — a form of lipid that is required in the body that is acquired through our diets and is also made by the liver.

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What You Need to Know about Macronutrients

Video about macronutrients

This video looks into macronutrients and what you can do to ensure you are eating the recommended amount for your healthy diet.

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Myths Surrounding Artificial Sweeteners

Video about myths surrounding artificial sweeteners

Have you ever been concerned about the health effects of artificial sweeteners in your sweetened beverages? This video discusses and evaluates popular claims that surround this controversial sugar alternative.

[Click to view video about artificial sweeteners myths]

Artificial Sweeteners: Fighting or Fueling Obesity?

Video about artificial sweeteners and obesity

This video debunks the myth that consuming "diet" beverages containing artificial sweeteners is a healthy way to lose weight.

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Five Misconceptions About Nutrition

Video regarding misconceptions about nutrition

This video examines five common misconceptions about food, nutrition and healthy living.

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Maroon Anatomy: Low Cholesterol Linked to Violence

Video about low cholesterol linked to violence

This video explores the relationship between occurrences of low cholesterol and episodes of violent activity.

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Energy Drinks: Worth the Hype?

Video about energy drinks

This video examines the rising popularity of energy drinks, how the different ingredients may interact within the body and possible related health effects of these ingredients.

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Spicy and We Love It!

Video about spicy foods and stomach ulcers

This video discusses the link between spicy foods and stomach ulcers.

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Does Nutella Cause Cancer?

Video about nutella and cancer

This video uncover the facts behind the claim that Nutella may cause cancer and determine if Nutella is detrimental to our health.

[Click to view video about nutella and cancer]

Medical Myth — Chocolate and Acne

Video about chocolate and acne

This video looks at the common myth regarding the relationship between chocolate and acne.

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Does an Apple a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

Video about nutritional value of apples

This video explores the myth that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” and discusses whether the nutritional benefits of apple makes them a superfood.

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Antioxidants & Aging: A Radical Theory

Videos about antioxidants and aging

This video examines the process of aging and the role of antioxidants and free radicals in the body.

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BCAAs: More Gains or More Lies?

Video about BCAAs

This video describes how branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) interact within the body and explores claims that consuming BCAAs improves athletic performance and endurance.

[Click to view video about BCAAs]

What Are Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)?

Video about GMOs

This video outlines what genetically modified organisms are, why they are used and the pros and cons of using them.

[Click to view video about genetically modified organisms (GMOs)]

Does Gum Really Stay in Your Stomach for Seven Years?

Video about gum in stomach

This video examines the childhood myth about gum remaining in the stomach for 7 years after being swallowed.

[Click to view video about gum in stomach]

Can You Really Be Allergic to Exercise?

Video about FDEIA

This video discusses food-dependent exercise-induced anaphylaxis (FDEIA) in which an allergic reaction occurs during exercise when a specific type of food is eaten before or after exercise.

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Ketogenic diet as a method of treatment for epilepsy

Video ketogenic diet as treatment for epilepsy

This video examines the research and scientific information surrounding the benefits a ketogenic diet can have for individuals that may be suffering from epilepsy.

[Click to view video about ketogenic diet as treatment for epilepsy]


Video about caffeine

These videos provide an analysis of caffeine and examines its health effects and risks of dependence.

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