McMaster University

Demystifying Medicine
Seminar Series


Short presentations and interviews made by students enrolled in HTH SCI 4DM3.

Day in the Life of the Ask Lab

This day-in-the-life video serves to demystify aspects of the Ask Lab at McMaster University by following a student's typical day in the lab! The Ask Lab explores protein misfolding events, which have contributed to the development of various diseases such as cystic fibrosis, diabetes, and cancer. This lab is mainly interested in the events in the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) which occur when proteins do not fold correctly. The Unfolded Protein Response (UPR) is discussed, which may play a role in the development and further progression of chronic lung diseases. In addition, the video covers what fibrosis is and how we can test that in the lab, as well as the clinical implications. This video features a talk from a PhD student Ehab Ayaub, a Masters candidate Sohail Mahmood, and principal investigator Dr. Kjetil Ask.

— Created by Health Science 4DM3 students: Mawleshan Pathmajarah, Hassan Alsaleh, Dana Abu-Jazar, Aunima Bhuiya and Hina Abdulla

Demystifying the Scott Lab at McMaster University

This video gives an overview of some of the research in physiology performed in Dr. Graham Scott's research laboratory at McMaster University. The two main components of this lab, laboratory work and field work, will be explained by Dr. Scott and the Masters/PhD student, Catherine Ivy. The interview conducted in the lab will focus on deer mice, one of Dr. Scott’s current research programs.

— Created by Ruth Yan, Lynn Yuan, Ushma Shah, Bhakti Shah and Kajeevan Yoganathan as a component of 4DM3, a course in communication and knowledge translation

Demystifying the Bridgewater Lab: Chronic Kidney Disease

This video was created to help students seeking to join Dr. Darren Bridgewater's laboratory to gain a general understanding of chronic kidney disease which is his main area of focus.

— Created by Adrian Bulfon, Catherine Duong, Christopher Chiang, Radwa Elsharawi and Shirley Chen

The Bridgewater Lab: Role of Beta-Catenin in Kidney Development

This video was created to provide a brief demonstration of the processes and pathways in which beta-catenin is involved in normal and abnormal kidney development according to the research conducted by Dr. Darren Bridgewater's Laboratory.

— Created by Adrian Bulfon, Catherine Duong, Christopher Chiang, Radwa Elsharawi and Shirley Chen

Treating Allergies: The Production of a Peptide Vaccine

In this video, we explore the biological foundation for allergies, as well as a promising new treatment developed by Dr. Mark Larche known as synthetic peptide immune-regulatory epitopes (SPIREs). This treatment uses small allergen peptides as a vaccination against a typical allergic response. Material was obtained from research by Dr. Larche's MD/PhD student, Elizabeth Simms.

— Created by Quinn Demik, Sheena Guglani, Ana Kovacevic, Mathew Luen and Hemisha Patel

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