McMaster University

Demystifying Medicine
Seminar Series


Short presentations and interviews made by students enrolled in HTH SCI 4DM3

What are Autoimmune Diseases?

This video is an overview of autoimmune disease. Autoimmune disease causes your immune system to attack healthy tissue and cells instead of harmful substances. Harmful substances contain antigens that allow the immune system to recognize these substances and destroy them. Sometimes these substances can confuse the immune system, as the immune system may not be able to distinguish between healthy tissue and antigens.

— Created by high-school students Hamza Khan (Hillfield Strathallan College), Kate Kim and Chris Chois (Notre Dame High School) in collaboration with the McMaster Demystifying Medicine Program and Khatija Anum

Demystifying Mechanism of Innate Immunity

This video demystifies the functions and processes of the innate immune system. The video briefly describes the differences between adaptive and innate immunity, as well as outline the physical (e.g. skin), chemical (e.g. digestive enzymes), and cellular components (e.g. white blood cells) of innate defense. It will conclude with a brief overview of the complement system, which also serves to destroy invading pathogens. Please let us know if you have comments and suggestions on this topic.

— Created by HTS 4DM3 students Maria Sheikh, Shiza Sheikh, Gurteg Singh, Jelena Poleksic and Kaushik Sripada

Dr. Ask on Fibrosis and Immunology

This is a short video of an interview of Dr. Ask of McMaster University talking about Fibrosis and Immunology.

— Created by McMaster University's Demystifying Medicine seminar series

Peptide Immunotherapy for the Treatment of Peanut Allergy

In this presentation, Elizabeth Simms presents an overview of peptide immunotherapy and it's potential role in treating patients with peanut allergy. Elizabeth Simms is a MD/PhD student at McMaster University. Her supervisor is Dr. Mark Larché.

Cancer Immunotherapy: Harnessing the Body's Immune System to Fight Back

Cancer immunotherapy is an emerging method of treatment against cancer, which utilizes the body’s own immune system to fight back. While there are several different methods of immunotherapy, this video will focus specifically on adoptive cell transfer--an approach that utilizes T-cells, or cells of your immune system in order to fight back against invading cancer cells.

— Created by McMaster Demystifying Medicine 4DM3 students Helen Kim, Jessica Kun, Lyndsay Rayner, Nicole Vandenheuvel and Fadi Hana

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