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Getting older can come with a variety of health challenges. But you can take action to maintain good health and reduce your risk of disease and disability. Exercise, good nutrition, regular health screenings, getting vaccines, having enough sleep, and participating in activities you enjoy are just a few ways to promote healthy aging.

National Institute on Aging

An Aspirin a Day … ?

Video about aging and aspirin

This video provides background information on aging and aspirin. It also discusses the impacts and reliability of the Aspirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly (ASPREE) study.

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Is a Healthy Lifestyle the Key to Longevity?

Video about healthy lifestyle and longevity

Our aging process is not well understood. We often ask ourselves why we age and whether we can prolong life. This video explores telomeres as a possible explanation as to why we age.

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Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

Videos about Alzheimer's disease and dementia

These videos provide information about Alzheimer's disease and other conditions related to dementia

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Slow the Effects of Cognitive Aging with the Mediterranean Diet

Video about cognitive aging and Mediterranean diet

This video defines what the Mediterranean diet is, describes how it is beneficial for cognitive againg and presents evidence from two studies.

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Antioxidants & Aging: A Radical Theory

Videos about antioxidants and aging

This video examines the process of aging and the role of antioxidants and free radicals in the body.

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Videos about osteoporosis

These videos provide information about osteoporosis including its prevalence, causes and treatment.

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Overview of Urinary Tract Infections

Overview video about urinary tract infections

This video provides an overview of the causes of and treatment for urinary tract infections.

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Erectile Dysfunction

Videos about erectile dysfunction

These videos provide an overview of erectile dysfunction (ED) as well as explore the causes, prevention methods and treatment options for ED.

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Growing old with HIV: How the world has changed

Video about growing old with HIV

These videos discuss the changing demographics of HIV/AIDS, current management and co-morbidities, a patient's perspective on aging well with HIV and HIV as a chronic inflammatory disease process.

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HIV and Aging

Video about HIV and aging

This video presents information about HIV and aging.

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HIV and Aging: Interview with Dr. Fiona Smaill

Video interview about HIV and aging

This video presents an interview with Dr. Fiona Smaill about HIV and aging.

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Get Your Grandparents Moving!

Video about exercise and aging

This video highlights the importance of exercise among the elderly population. It explains the risks of a sedentary lifestyle and the health benefits of an active one.

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