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Epilepsy is a common brain disorder characterized by recurrent seizures. Approximately one in 100 Canadians have epilepsy. The highest number of new cases are in seniors and young children, but epilepsy can begin at any age. A health care professional may consider epilepsy as a possible diagnosis when a person has had two or more seizures. A medical diagnosis of epilepsy is based on multiple pieces of information: the description of the episodes; the person’s medical and family history; and the results of diagnostic tests. Fortunately, epilepsy is a treatable condition. Many people with epilepsy (two out of three) will achieve good seizure control with medication. When medication is not effective in preventing seizures, there are other treatment options available.

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Ketogenic diet as a method of treatment for epilepsy

Video ketogenic diet as treatment for epilepsy

This video examines the research and scientific information surrounding the benefits a ketogenic diet can have for individuals that may be suffering from epilepsy.

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